Transitional Dressing Made Easy: Top 4 Tips to Adapt Your Wardrobe

Transitional Dressing Made Easy: Top 4 Tips to Adapt Your Wardrobe - clever alice

The art of transitional dressing: seamlessly and comfortably emerging from one climate or season to another.

Whether you’re heading out for a weekend trip, an adventure abroad or just prepping your wardrobe for the changing seasons, we’ve got you covered with our top four tried and true strategies to transition through changes with ease.

sample sale sweater over blazer


1. Layer Layer Layer!

This may seem obvious to some, but it really is the key to successful transitional dress. Experiment with how you wear your clothes in different seasons! Maybe a cozy sweater for fall also works draped over your shoulders for those cool summer nights. Try an oversized blazer over your hoodie to keep warm on a frigid airplane. Nothing is worse than being trapped sweating in your outfit, but you never know when a cool evening breeze will sweep in or you’ll be forced to face arctic air conditioning inside. Layering ensures that you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, picture this breakdown:
Base Layer (think tanks and tops)
+ Mid-Layer (light sweaters, hoodies, button-downs, etc)
+ Outer Layer (jackets or blazers)
+ Adaptable Accessories (oversized scarfs, sunnies, or jewelry to add a little bling)
Transitional Dressing Made Easy: Top 4 Tips to Adapt Your Wardrobe


2. Fabric is EVERYTHING

“What your clothes are made of will be one of the biggest factors of whether they can work for different seasons. Synthetic materials — like nylon and acrylic — are notorious for trapping heat and making you sweat. Naturally sourced materials on the other hand — think organic cotton, linen and TENCEL™ — are lightweight and breathable, making them top summer wardrobe choices that can be layered in other seasons." - Ten Tree

Pay attention to the manufacturer's tag the next time you shop to anticipate how the fabric will feel with humid air or in a cool breeze.

nyc sample style all white layers



3. Cohesive Colors

Streamlining your color palate ensures that you’re not faced with an identity crisis the moment the weather shifts. This is the hack everyone uses that leaves you wondering “how did they fit so much style into their tiny carry-on?”

Here it’s all about strategy. Our top three methods to ensure cohesive colors:

  1. Find your color zone and stick to it. Think in terms of cool tones (blue, green, grey); warm tones (amber, burgundy, rich browns), or minimal (black, white, beige).
  2. Aim for neutrals with pops of color. This one is self-explanatory. The bulk of the colors should be versatile neutrals that you can pair with a pop of a statement print or bright color.
  3. Maximize everything; sometimes more is more! Have fun and mix an array of prints and brights for a funky, off-the-wall vibe.

all white layered sample fashion nyc



4. Elevated Basics

We love fresh, creative trends, but anchoring your wardrobe with high-quality basics will ensure your wardrobe keeps up with the changes. There are some staples you can always turn to, like a good hoodie, button down or denim jacket. Make these essentials star players with longevity by focusing on quality, fit and care. Focus on flexibility rather than seasonal trends for a line-up of reliable pieces in your wardrobe.

Transitional Dressing Made Easy: Top 4 Tips to Adapt Your Wardrobe



At Clever Alice, we’re always excited about getting dressed. Transitional dressing ensures less waste on fleeting, seasonal trends and guarantees more room in your wardrobe or suitcase for amazing key pieces. If you’re in a rut or just want to see how we do it, check out our Instagram and TikTok for inspiration to transition your wardrobe.

We get exclusive new samples in store every week at our Prince St. location and carry a great selection of brands online. Check it out or visit us in person for amazing sample sales!
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