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13 years of bad hair. Will 2014 be the year of change ?

What will the 2000's be most noted for when we look back in 2030? Perhaps more hair weaves and color treatments than we needed. A look back at some memorable looks. 

Scarlett Johansson: mi-mulet and Fuchsia satin. (Los Angeles, March 2003


Christina Aguilera . (Los Angeles, 2001)



Justin Timberlake,. (Los Angeles, 2001.)



Jennifer Lopez .(Los Angeles,  2003.)



Kate Hudson . (Los Angeles 2003.)



Glittery butterfly, curly tail, and fringe , hardcover neckline: Mariah Carrey at the top. (New York, June 2003)
Brad Pitt, . (Los Angeles, mars 2002.)
 Nicole Richie (Las Vegas, December 2003.)
Paris Hilton, . (New York  2004)
Gwen Stefani. (Rome,  2004
Drew Barrymore  Toronto,  2009
Russell Brand. (Los Angeles 2008
Britney Spears  (Washington,  2003)
Kristen Stewart  (San Diego,  2009
Nicki Minaj, . New York, 2012
Lady Gaga,. (Los Angeles
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