Top Ten Trends for 2015

If you are like me and take this last week of the year to clean out your closet , evaluate what to keep and what to donate, it's great to keep in mind trends going forward. Here is a list of now and into Spring 2015 themes to inspire you from Miu Miu, Irfe, Lutz Huelle and Damir Doma.

Miu Miu has woven all top ten trends  into her Spring collection. Everything seventies, suede instead of leather, gladiator sandals, wide leg pants, sheer tops, ruffles on anything, platform shoes, all white, dark denim and crop tops. With all of this coming together in perfection it's safe to say Miu Miu is the winner for best trend collection for Spring 2015.

Irfe is a French designer and starting to become one of my favorites. They have managed to be on trend in a very clean and cool , modern tomboy sort of way. Again, you see seventies maxi dresses, dark denim, crop tops, sheer fabric and tough girl leather. Go to Irfe.com



Lutz Huelle and Damir Doma are well tailored, luxury pieces that stay relevant for tons of future wear. Interesting take on sheer fabric, black sheer mid calf dresses, all white, black sheer pants that work, black sheer button downs that look safari and dark denim casual chic-preppy jackets.