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Pima Doll collection at pop up shop / Designed in New York City from the world's best Pima cotton.

Pima Doll, as the name suggests, is a pima cotton collection. It is designed in New York and manufactured in Peru, from the world's best pima cotton. Pima Doll puts a fun twist on the cotton basic, treating the fabric in innovative ways. The fabric is perforated, cut, distressed and knit back together again. Careful not to waste the precious pima, the leftover cuttings of the tee's are upcycled into beautiful, one of a kind hand knits. The result is an exciting pima cotton collection of tops, leggings, dresses and unique hand knit pieces.
Pima Doll uses Peruvian pima cotton exclusively, known as one of the finest cotton's in the world. Our cotton is grown along the lush Peruvian coast lines. The combination of Peru's coastal climate, the type of seed and soil, all contribute to the ideal growing conditions. Pima is an extra long staple cotton, the long fibers being highly resistant. For these reasons our cotton apparel does not pill. Pima is incredibly durable and known to last 50% longer than ordinary cotton. We use 100% pure pima cotton, no synthetic blending. Furthermore our cotton is grown without chemicals and is hand harvested, therefore having no adverse environmental impact. Our collection is natural and hypo-allergenic. We suggest machine or hand washing and we do not recommend dry cleaning, which can be toxic.
Pima Doll On Sale at
Clever Alice Pop Up Shop
551 Driggs, Brooklyn
Feb 5 to 15 Only
Daily 10 to 7