It's Happening. It's Here: The Clever Alice Complete Fashion Week Forecast 2022

It's Happening. It's Here: The Clever Alice Complete Fashion Week Forecast 2022

It’s real. It’s happening. It’s here. 

Sure, I'm talking about New York Fashion Week right now.

But, these are the phrases that have defined the last year of our lives. 

The past year has been one of unbelievable emotional and material turns for all of us. Whether we came back into the office this year after wondering if we ever would, or went to a party again after all those stretches of loneliness, or traveled to a new place after fearing our own grocery stores. We so quickly forget the highs of doing something we thought we may have lost again, as soon as it becomes our routine; that is to say normal. But there is no normalcy without a history to define it, and the things we learned from a strange couple years still influence how we even define normal, how we define freedom, how we define joy, how we define ourselves. 

If expression is all about definition, the things we have learned, the ways we have changed, do in fact influence our outward auras. It influences our style. 

This fashion week will be a celebration of all the things we have learned. Welcome to a complete style forecast of that celebration:

Vacationing to the Office 

This post pandemic, return to work is instilled with a desire for comfort and a questioning of why we subjugated our own comfort beforehand for the sake of professionalism. Ease of wear does not indicate lack of stylishness, and thus comfortable workwear will be a recurring theme this Fashion Week. Work wear can be versatile, sleek, and easy.

This being said, people also settled into a slower paced life with greater emphasis on connection to nature and sustainability. We questioned what actually matters to us and how lucky we are to be able to do the things we love. This will also be reflected in the professional wear. Think: French seaside traveler who journals. 

  • Cut Out Knitwear

  • Cut out knitwear is a combination of a desire for comfort, expression, and leisure, while also being office appropriate. 

  • Comfortable-Waisted  Dresses

    Elastic is no longer a bad word. Elastic waist, wrap waist, and tie waist dresses perfectly combine a desire for well fitting professional wear, comfort, and dreamy freedom chasing. These dresses are perfect for both the office and placing a  paparazzi deterring hand on the forehead at the airport, on the way to a Greek or Italian beach. Our office wear needs a touch of resort wear.

    Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes

    Her hair is kind of wild and free. 

    Many of us reassessed how seriously we are taking our lives. Many people are remembering to stop forgetting to just live it. There is something to be said for the je ne sais quoi of certain dresses, those that are just thrown on and somehow transport you to the mindset of a confident girl touring with a 70’s band. Clothes that chase that sense of freedom are about to pop up everywhere. 

    Similarly the past couple years have shifted the collective consciousness back to a historical romanticism. Think: yearning, drinking coffee on a balcony while looking down at the world, writing a love letter.  Styles at fashion week this year will be attuned to styles of the past, the ones we want to see our soulmate in from across a smoky cocktail bar. 

  • French Romantic Dresses

  • Sleek Feminine Outerwear

  • Vintage Vacationer Dresses 

    • Wide Leg Pants

    See you at Fashion Week!

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