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For Brands


Selling samples or stock is the classic reason brands use pop ups. But there are several great benefits to hosting a  Pop Up Shop.

It's  a great way for a brand to show customers new styles and products.

Introducing your brand to a new audience, even a new city. 

Pop Ups are temporary so you don't have to make a long term commitment. 

They are perfect press and marketing generators.

What better way to see if a new style or product is a good  than asking your customers in person?

Chicago POP UP Space

There are many factors that go into creating a successful pop up from location to timing to attracting shoppers.

We always recommend offering current season items

We look for empty store fronts that are street level, ideally in upscale shopping areas that are easy to get to. Trendy warehouse spaces sound great but don't always come with walk by traffic.

Our customers are loyal , fashion forward shoppers that accept an upscale pop up  experience .





Our team can host your brand's pop up from end to end working with your budget. Services we can provide.

  • Locating a space to host the event
  • Social Media and Press Releases
  • In store set up with merchandising racks, hangers, signage
  • Professional sales staff to ensure product sales
  • Theme ideas and collaborations
  • Sales reports and product feedback
  • Returns , payments and break down of space.
  • Insurance and permits



If you prefer to be a participating brand at one of our Clever Alice Pop Ups it is the best way to experiment with your brand at little cost. We also offer online product selling.