5 Books for Empowered Reading

5 Books for Empowered Reading - clever alice

We've asked clever women around and read some ourselves; a few recommendations to snuggle up with during quarantine that will serve to inspire, educate, and enlighten on bright days and rainy ones.


Becoming by Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama’s autobiography recounts her life as the first African American woman in the white house, her advocacy for just causes, her vast accomplishments, and resilience is admirable. Born in the south-side of Chicago, the memoir combs over Michelle Obama’s life, through career instances, becoming a mother, and an iconic public figure. 

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

A book published in 1994 about the writing craft and tips on optimizing your creative endeavors. It is a commentary on life, on nourishing the soul, on finding faith in oneself, and on implementing patients and optimism. A wonderful read not only on craft but on mindset. Lamott touches on why perfectionism is the death of all creativity, as well as sharing tangible tricks and tips on trusting the process and alleviating any blocks in creativity. 

Why I Am Not A Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto by Jessa Crispin

A declaration on modern feminism and why we all hold a responsibility to upend structures that allow for discrimination to be possible, no matter how complex and uncomfortable the learning curve is. Crispin writes about facing our own hypocrisy, remembering that we must live boldly and pay attention to the slithering intersections where institutions and policies allow large disparities between different disenfranchised populations in a patriarchal society. With Intricate commentary on the many levels where oppression can occur, the book is a call to action we could all benefit from. 

Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality By Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng 

Become more money savvy by investing in books that broaden your financial awareness. Ellen Rogin, accomplished CPA and CFP outlines the need-to-know to gain confidence around money. Wealth manager and business owner shares tried and true tips and tricks. They're are right at your fingertips. Especially in difficult times, managing your assets and inspecting short and long-term financial goals should be a priority. You can also check out the interview with Ellen Rogin for our Clever Project here

Grace and Grit: My Fight for Fairness and Equal Pay at Goodyear and Beyond by Lilly Ledbetter

Published in 2012, the memoir of Lilly Ledbetter, activist and advocate for equal pay in the workplace led to The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act. The case made a huge splash in furthering the women’s rights movement and bringing attention to equal pay. Lilly Ledbetter’s case against the Goodyear tire factory fought against pay discrimination. Ledbetter, a woman in a managerial position, soon discovered she was making a significantly lower wage than her male counterpart and sued her employer for this injustice. A hard and long battle, where Ledbetter did not receive restitution still caused a big difference and is one of Obama's first signed legislation in office that progressed women’s rights.
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