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6 Fashion Related Content to Explore

Here are six fashion-related media recommendations that go beyond simply magazines and campaigns. Check out how fashion operates and influences on a more grounded level and in programs we can access...

Here are six fashion-related media recommendations that go beyond simply magazines and campaigns. Check out how fashion operates and influences on a more grounded level and in programs we can access during downtime. These media recommendations are a few examples of how Fashion supplements our world and where our sensibilities influence the industry.

Inclusive Influencers:

We love fashion influencers. Instagram and the social networking sphere has made it more accessible for all types of gorgeous women to immerse themselves in the industry. We no longer have rigid magazine model standards to get fashion news that inspires us to create an empowering closet. Looking good, feeling good, and rocking that new dress shouldn’t be women that fit only a size 0.


6 Fashion Related Content to Explore

Our current favorite blog Grazia.  Topical, informative and smart, Grazia is the home of this week’s biggest news stories and talking points as they happen, smart shoppable fashion, the most up-to-date trends from the runway, red carpet, and the street.


6 Fashion Related Content to Explore


Another favorite is Instagram and blogger, Em Smyth
(The_em_edit), who doesn’t shy from her fabulous curves and sharing her take on her style favorites!


6 Fashion Related Content to Explore

Outstanding Fashion Events:

Fashion shows are a performance art: They’re beautiful, with rhythm and music, and can serve as wonderful entertainment to those with a keen eye for style. Here, designers set trends, showcase new lines, invigorate and collaborate with those in the scene. We were invited to see the Vivienne Hu fashion show to see one of our favorite designers showcase her current Fall 2020 line; earth tones, pretty cotton, Gattaca pieces of the future. Vivienne Hu is a designer we’ve featured often in our shop. Clever women have sported the brand at bachelorette parties, events for engagement photos, work functions and dates.

Bringing pieces from the runway to their own like. You can also find the wonderful taped show on YouTube for absolutely free at


6 Fashion Related Content to Explore


Riveting Fiction:

We see relevant movements in our history portrayed in, Pose, along with inspired clothing. The show airs on FX and depicts the underbelly of a gorgeous LGBTQIA+ ball scene in a mesh of vibrant colors and grungy urban street style. The diverse and inclusive cast is a win for the film industry. And everyone’s outfits are so damn good. The show deals with hard-to-swallow topics that plagued the LGBTQIA+ community in the 80’s, including the AIDS epidemic, homelessness, hate crimes, and awful discrimination. Costume designers Lou Eyrich and Analusia McGorty dove into research into the era and to consult with those privy to ball culture. Critically acclaimed and worth your time, where clothing is used as a means of exploring identity, authenticity and the courage to be yourself.


6 Fashion Related Content to Explore

Queer Eye's' New Fab Five Talks Connecting with Makeover Subjects ...

Wholesome Bit of Reality:

The new rendition of Queer Eye on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it yet, get ready for the waterworks. Yes, you might cry just a bit when watching five positive and talented gay men work on improving the confidence and lifestyle of generous people, who have forgotten how to give themselves the proper love they deserve. Netflix presents Tan, Bobby, Antoni, Karamo, and Johnathan who help widowers, college drop-outs, disabled persons, women in fast-food, and all the necessary people of Kansas City and the surrounding area. They’ve even done it in Japan. The show is a reincarnation of Queer Eye for The Straight Guy that ran on Bravo from 2003 - 2007. In both shows, people that find help with the fab five come face to face with light therapy, tips on self-pampering, and tons of confidence boosters. As an audience we explore the different facets of human experience, of the lives and cultures different people lead.


6 Fashion Related Content to Explore
Next in Fashion
Tan France, one of the “Fab Five” from Queer Eye and Alexa Chung, Influencer Extraordinaire, hosts a competition reality TV show where top designers show off their chops. The Netflix show presents inspired pieces, light-hearted content, and fast-paced scenes of stitching and sewing that is great to have on in the background while cleaning your house or doing admin work. It’s a great show to have in order to stimulate your own creativity, to learn about fashion tips and
tricks on a more technical level, and to get a glimpse behind the scene of what drives those in the Fashion Industry, as well as discovering new designers. If you care about fashion, and you care about style and find joy in wearable pieces of art, you’ll love this lens into the scene.

Through these accessible avenues, you'll be able yo start tracing the intricate way that clothing is interwoven with our entertainment, and in the stores we venture to. We recognize how important fashion has been to social movements, entertainment, business ventures, and those who are trying to find their way in the world.


By Sonia Borz

Tell us your favorite fashion-focused pastime read or view at the moment in the comments below.

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