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Tips on Buying Clothing as Gifts

Recent events show that this is a time more than ever where we need to strengthen relationships and keep up with loved ones. A time where we need to implement...

Recent events show that this is a time more than ever where we need to strengthen relationships and keep up with loved ones.

A time where we need to implement compassion and promote strength in our communities. Tokens of gratitude, acts of service, and attentiveness are sure to brighten any of your close ones day.

Receiving gifts and sending gifts is a way to show someone we care.


Tips on Buying Clothing as Gifts


Whether you’re buying a gift for a special occasion, or merely want to send a reminder of how much you appreciate the person you are gifting to, clothing can sometimes be a great choice. 

There is a plethora to choose from, online shops are great in detailing proportions. Clothing could serve to distract and enrich a recipient’s life, and set the tone for their experience going into spring and summer! 

There are a few things to keep in mind while doing so.

Suss out their style. 

Do they wear casual and functional clothing on a daily basis or do their clothing need to be more formal for work? Ask yourself what colors they already wear and gauge their overall favorite pieces they already have. Check to see if they prefer looser and over-sized items or fitted ones. Consider asking them what they’d need in their closet. Never be afraid to have a fashion chat with your recipient. Or ask a person you both know. 

Get the size right.

Getting someone's size can be difficult. A tip is to try stuff on yourself if you are in a sample sale shop. You’ll be able to gauge the feeling of the seam, the fabric, and the flexibility of a piece. Porto and Inizio great brands to refer to on our site. 

Tips on Buying Clothing as Gifts
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Then trust your judgement to adjust for considering the body type of your recipient. Accentuating the waist can minimize curves around the hips and torso while certain pieces from designer’s like Allison, which you can see in our online shop can add flattering curves to a narrower body type. Some of our best lines that represent and flatter many shapes are Bernik, Porto, Inizio, and Cyrus. For trendy and more youthful styles, Allison has varying sizes available. Ask about the size of any piece by reading the description and addressing other questions to We'd be happy to get a stylist to describe items for you.


Tips on Buying Clothing as Gifts

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Think quality and budget. 

Gauge the feel of the clothing on your own skin. Does your recipient have any types of sensitivities to synthetic or natural fibers? How do the seams feel? How much maintenance will the piece need? Would one luxury piece serve your recipient's gift as opposed to multiple of a more affordable variety? Do you get the leather jacket or four trendy skirts? Brands like Mauritius and Heartloom can feed both of those needs.

Should you?

Is purchasing clothing as a gift a good idea most of the time? Any fashionistas would say yes, and our clever women would keenly agree, but there are times it’s best to consider something else; when a person is undergoing diet restrictions, undergoing therapy, or are sensitive about what they wear, it might be best to set a shopping date. Or try getting them a pair of shoes!

Just ask their size. You can front the bill and create a valuable memory with your friend, coworker, and general recipient. Even gauging items online or linking posts to each other serve as lighthearted bonding moments. 


Tips on Buying Clothing as Gifts

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Clothing can bring people together, enrich lives, boost confidence, and more. Keeping tabs on your loved ones with a gift or a phone call will remind us that we need to take care of each other and must navigate difficult times with respect, love, and a little bit of style. 

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