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How To Manifest What You Want By Dressing For It.

How to manifest what you want by dressing for it.

Before even the technique, there is a dream. Chanel had it. The dream is everything.

—Diana Vreeland

How To Manifest What You Want By Dressing For It.

How to manifest what you want starts with dressing for it. According to  article  "How to Get Dressed To Manifest" it asks the question 

Did you know that what you wear can elevate your vibrational energy? Yes, indeed!  What you wear can help you turn your dreams into reality by bringing you into your place of power. Your wardrobe is actually a DAILY source of renewal and support, and an aid to manifesting your dreams. You should tap into that, right?

Whether you love fashion or hate it, the connection between you and your clothing matters. You want to be in alignment.  The colors you wear matter, and so do the styles.  Visually, we see color first.

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.

— Coco Chanel

How To Manifest What You Want By Dressing For It.


Red Lotus Letter Discusses the importance of dress through Feng Shui. 

Here are ways you can look and feel your best – and attract love, wealth and open doors in your life by lifting your personal chi.

Dress smartly.

You don’t have to wear a suit and tie or an evening gown to dress smartly. Even shorts and a cute summer top can look great. Avoid the tendency to just throw on whatever you find in the closet. Be sure to accessorize, too.

If you go out in jeans, dress them up with a cute top, jewelry or maybe a pair of heels instead of the usual sneaker. I always feel a bit more dressed up and smarter looking when I wear a dress. What makes you feel dressier or smarter looking?

I think that there are so many women who understand nothing about clothes and they should try and understand themselves before they start putting on disguises: they should stand in front of the mirror for a day, two days or three, and find out what they have which is beautiful, interesting: what they should show: hair, neck, arms, or hands.

— Sonia Rykiel

How To Manifest What You Want By Dressing For It.

And lastly according to Bravo's 

5 Ways “Fake It Till You Make It” Really Works ... And Can Change Your Life for the Better

Get out of the sweatpants.

Literally, dress for the job you want. But also, dress smart when you are out around town or with your friends. Dressing like a slob, means, well, you don’t care what you look like and you may just be a slob. Again, science tells us that people determine who we are within seconds of seeing us. A perfect example is glasses — don’t you think that person is smarter? They may just have bad eyesight. 

Let Us Know How You Dress to Manifest, We would love to hear what you wore and the positive energy it brought to you.






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