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Tarot Takeaway: The Star and Outerwear

I've been pulling The Star tarot card a lot this week. At first glance, it wouldn't seem like The Star would have much to tell us about style. After all,...

I've been pulling The Star tarot card a lot this week. At first glance, it wouldn't seem like The Star would have much to tell us about style. After all, in most renditions of the card, the subject is a naked woman. But I find her a very compelling guide, particularly during a pandemic lockdown, scrolling through a million dresses on hundreds of online shops, shopping somewhat out of boredom, but also out of a kind of need for beauty and frivolity. 

But when we're shopping online, maybe because we don't feel totally great on public transportation or indoors yet, maybe because we are stuck at home more than usual, the infinite choice available to us makes the experience a bit weird. We can buy too much, with boxes arriving days later as we think, now what the hell is that?? Or the limitless choice can intimidate us -- how can we possibly ever choose when there are dozens of other options just around the corner? 

(Or come find us in person in New York City or in our new location in New Hope, Pennsylvania. We can help you dream in person.)

Then, beyond all that, how do we even know what we like? We're told a million times a day what we should like, what we should not wear (because our arms aren't toned, because it's tacky, because it's for someone half or twice our age), what is important to have *now*. (It'll change by the time your order is even shipped.) And this is where the Star can help us out.

Tarot Takeaway: The Star and Outerwear

I've been reading Tarot for a long time, and I can tell you that often what vexes people is not knowing what they like. Told for so long what they should like -- by critics, by friends, by family, by television, etc -- they haven't had the time to really think and decide for themselves. The Star says, once you figure out who you actually are and what you desire, the rest, even if uncertain, becomes less important. Stripping yourself bare from other people's expectations and desires, simply to get a good look at who you genuinely are under all of those pressures, will help you figure out where you want to go. Once you've got all that down, figuring out what's right for you along the way just kind of takes care of itself. Clothes should be a fun part of that process, not another source of anxiety and disappointment.

So let's breathe and look at some clothes, shall we? Let's take a moment to consider, is this me, do I like this, does this want to go the same places I am going?
Tarot Takeaway: The Star and Outerwear
Heartloom has some great jackets and coats out right now. They are of a specific type, yes: cozy, fuzzy, youthful. Their faux furs are lux and dreamy, good for wondering aimlessly, staring through windows, cheeks all rosy with anticipation and curiosity (also New York winters). Things to consider: do you want your outer layer to be warm and welcoming and an invitation to touch? Do you want to look carefree with an easy glamour?
Tarot Takeaway: The Star and Outerwear
If you prefer to be a little harder and off putting, if you want to see yourself in a John le Carre adaptation rather than a 70s film shot during the golden hour, I feel like this leather coat is a better option for you. If you like to picture yourself smoking even if you would never, if you want to throw back a neat Scotch at the bar, this is the coat that can help bring your vision alive.
Tarot Takeaway: The Star and Outerwear
This little Porto vest can be thrown over any number of items: a flowy dress in a feminine print; a pair of jeans and a turtleneck; a jumpsuit, if you don't mind freeing yourself in a bathroom stall taking a little more time than usual. But it immediately gives an edge to something that has been boring you, making you look like someone you'd take a moment to watch on the Berlin u-bahn, someone whose coolness is catching.
Tarot Takeaway: The Star and Outerwear
Now, if you, like me, have been spending a great deal of lockdown watching movies from the late 80s and 90s on various streaming platforms, perhaps you've been picturing yourself in one of these amazing erotic thrillers, I believe they called them. Maybe not as the femme fatale -- who has the energy for that these days? -- but as the hard-bitten prosecutor or investigator, one of those tough corporate ladies with big shoulders, big jewelry, and big colors. Then this is the jacket that will get you there.

Jessa Crispin is a writer and tarot card reader. You can find her at or at Instagram at @jessacrispin

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