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Top Trends to Look For in 2023

As we enter into a new chapter with the new year, there's a whole new crop of trends we're excited to test, try and observe in the collective style. We're noticing...

As we enter into a new chapter with the new year, there's a whole new crop of trends we're excited to test, try and observe in the collective style. We're noticing a theme of pushing existing trends and aesthetics into new and unexpected places. Grunge was in last year? This year expect the trend with a romantic twist. Y2K styles have been in for a while? In 2023 the aesthetic takes on an indie feel.

While we always encourage you to stay true to your own personal style, trendwatching is a fun way take the pulse of the collective mood and cultural ethos of the season. Below are the Top 6 Trends we're excited to explore in 2023.

1. Elevated Everyday

As sustainability increases as a priority in our closets, we’re seeing consumers drift away from fast fashion/ hyper trends towards high quality investment pieces that will stand the test of time. Reliable luxury brands that have established themselves as chic, minimalist pioneers are leading this trend. Shopping for long term pieces that will carry on beyond the quick thrill of a trendy garment is a trend we’re expecting to see increase in the next year. As lifestyles are continuing to evolve and shift from the WFH norm to the return to traveling, basics that fit a hybrid lifestyle in a cool way are landing well with today’s shopper.

Top Trends to Look For in 2023

2. Skin is In

Low rise, sheer, daring cutouts … you name it. “Every conceivable iteration of micro-minis, cut outs, sheer and mesh came out to play,” according to Vogue. “Searches for cut-out and transparent looks surged by 40% and 53% respectively during autumn/winter 2022, and 77% of designers included transparent looks for spring/summer 2023. Skin-baring pieces cropped up in the menswear space, too – revealing fashion was up 504% for spring/summer 2023 compared to spring/summer 2022.

Top Trends to Look For in 2023

3. Crème de la Crème Tailoring

All trends exist on a pendulum. On the opposite side of sexy, revealing silhouettes are protective styles with LOTS of fabric. Picture top tier, tailoring à la maxi skirts, detailed draping, hoods/head coverings, big shoulders and oversized garments. We're seeing drama, exentuated features and avant garde shapes on recent runways.

Top Trends to Look For in 2023

 4. Styles for Every Body

Think beyond the boxy ‘androgynous” trends of the past few years and dive deeper. “It’s about [...] considering flexible fits and adaptive sizing instead, with clever design details, from straps and fastenings that can be regulated to fit different body sizes and shapes… It’s about going back to the drawing board and looking at design considerations such as crotch, armhole and shoulder widths, strategic subtle darts for soft volume, which flatters all genders; investing in technologies to get the style right like 3D-design and scanning will also be key,” Sara Maggioni, head of womenswear at WGSN.

Top Trends to Look For in 2023

5. Romantic Grunge

We’ve seen a play with 90’s inspired grunge looks recently, but this year adds a sultry twist on the edgy trend. Vogue cites “the emotional rollercoaster and chaos collectively experienced in recent times” as the force driving this aesthetic. Mixing utility wear, leather and chain/metal detailing with romantic sensual fabrics and silhouettes leads to a chicer, more romantic take on the trend we all know and love.

Top Trends to Look For in 2023

6. Nostalgia Ultra

Our nostalgia for 90’s/ y2k isn’t going anywhere soon. However, this year as Gen Z emerges to the nightlife scene and festivals and concerts have returned in full swing, we’re seeing an emphasis on the indie festival-wear of yesteryear. The shabby-chic, indie sleeze influence is prevelent.

Top Trends to Look For in 2023

Are you a champion of any of the upcoming trends? Is there one you're itching to try? Let us know and keep up with our thoughts @cleveraliceofficial on Instagram and @clever_alice on TikTok!

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