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Trend: Mood Boosting Apparel

Bliss, euphoria and a dopamine increase… all from a cool jacket? It may sound like a too-good-to-be-true claim from a late-night infomercial, but there really is a psychological science behind...

Bliss, euphoria and a dopamine increase… all from a cool jacket? It may sound like a too-good-to-be-true claim from a late-night infomercial, but there really is a psychological science behind next seasons’ upcoming trends.

We break down the effects your clothes can have on your mood and share some of our favorite sample sale brands to shop next seasons hottest looks.

Trend: Mood Boosting Apparel@ninasandbech


Trend Science

All of us intrinsically know the power of getting dressed. We know the feeling of pulling on some clothes and feeling, well… “meh”. Most of us also know the power of feeling amazing in our outfit and we see the impact your outfit can have on a job interview, first date or even a trip to the grocery store. Psychologists call this effect “Enclothed Cognition.” A term used to describe the influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes. 

No matter our background or personal environments, it’s safe to say that the global events of the past few years have had a stressful impact on all of us individually and collectively. As we navigate moving forward in life and creating our futures, our culture is inspired to foster happiness as an essential part of daily life. This evolution is reflected in rapidly shifting cultural trends and, perhaps most visibly, in the evolution of fashion trends.

Expert Opinions

WGSN, the reigning voice of fashion research and trend forecasting recently published their 2023 Spring/Summer predictions.

 “In 2023, consumers will be hungry for products and experiences that bring extravagance to the everyday[...] The focus is on the mood-enhancing properties of color. Color is used in unambiguous, unapologetic and unexpected ways.”

They go on to describe the cultural trends inching towards “dopamine brights, vibrant pastels … retro florals, trippy abstracts … synthetic sunsets and sunshine tones.”

At Clever Alice, we’re on board with any mission to promote a little more joy- especially if it involves fun modes of self expression through fashion! Whether we’re reaching for euphoric prints or picking out a mood-boosting statement color, even subconsciously, our aesthetic choices are affecting our psychological functioning. 

Check out how some of our favorite brands are championing the trend of mood-boosting colors:

Euphoric Ease

Inizio’s bright linens create an easy euphoria. The gentle texture of the Italian linen, creative Japanese inspired cut and vibrant colorways allow the wearer to casually engage with the trend, without seeming too loud. 


Trend: Mood Boosting Apparel


Check out our current selection of Inizio online here or stop by our Prince Street location for exclusive in-store samples.

Dopamine Brights

Walter Baker is another one of our staple brands we’re constantly pulling for a sleek, cool look. His bright leathers are a staple in our wardrobes- no matter the season! Add a no-brainer jacket to any outfit for a mood boosting statement.


Trend: Mood Boosting Apparel


 Scope out our current selection of Walter Baker samples in store or on our website.

Playful Prints

If you’re looking for a little more funk, Molly Bracken’s fall collection creates a groovy, fun aesthetic with her euphoric prints and rich color choices. 

We currently have an exclusive pre-fall selection on the boutique floor! Stop by in person to shop the trend.


Trend: Mood Boosting Apparel

If you’re excited as we are for upcoming trends, keep up with our musings on Instagram and TikTok! As a sample sale store, we’re constantly looking ahead and sharing the first look at pre-season trends and essentials. Clever Alice is located in the charming Nolita neighborhood in Manhattan near the corner of Prince St. and Bowery. If you’re in the neighborhood, come say hi and browse next season’s coolest looks!

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