An Interview with Beloved Brand: Heartloom

An Interview with Beloved Brand: Heartloom

We heard from Hannah Kim at Heartloom, and we have the interview here for a deeper look into the beloved brand. We know you'll love hearing right from them as much as we did. 

An Interview with Beloved Brand: Heartloom


Heartloom strikes the perfect balance between style and ease as it offers luxurious staples, wardrobe basics and statement pieces that are current and timeless. With its signature laid-back silhouettes, feminine prints and novelty fabrics, Heartloom embodies the modern bohemian spirit with vintage vibes, made versatile and relevant for today’s It-girls. Leading the brand is designer and owner Katy Lee, who launched Heartloom in 2009 in the heart of New York City.


Do you design for yourself or do you have a muse in mind?

Our customers are our muses. Even though our customers come from different backgrounds and walks of life, they all share the same chic style and sensibility that inspired the creation of Heartloom. They are our modern muses, and they inspire us to create clothing that is easy, wearable, and timelessly trendy.


An Interview with Beloved Brand: Heartloom 

What is your favorite part of being a designer?

Being a designer and owner of a fashion label is no doubt incredibly difficult and time-intensive, but I feel lucky every day to be able to work with materials and subjects that I am passionate about. That passion is what drives me and inspires me to keep moving forward. It is incredibly satisfying to see Heartloom’s designs worn and loved by real women in real life and on Instagram. I think that really keeps our team grounded and fills us all with a sense of purpose.


Favorite city for inspiration?

Heartloom was founded in and created with the New York City woman in mind – a modern trendsetter who embraces femininity with a bit of edge. Being headquartered in New York fuels us because we are surrounded by style. Whether someone is dolled up or dressed casually, you always get the sense that they didn’t really try that hard. That’s the kind of vibe that we go for with every collection.


Favorite pieces in your closet right now?

Now more than ever we are really loving cozy and comfortable gear. My favorites are all from Heartloom: the Camden Sweater, which is the perfect shade of peony pink, the super-soft, not-so-plain white Sia Tee, the Millie Jogger, made of amazingly soft jersey, and the Lily Pant, which is amazing for working from home and relaxing around the house. I also adore a few of our pieces from past collections. Our Evie Set is a must-have – it is the most easy coordinated outfit you can find. Last but not least is the Ollie Sweatershirt, which has a great oversized fit and is perfect for keeping cozy.

An Interview with Beloved Brand: Heartloom 

An Interview with Beloved Brand: Heartloom

Favorite fashion blogs and magazines to get lost in?

We are big fans in the office of Song of Style. We have worked with Aimee in the past and always feel inspired by how modern and independent she is. She is the definition of a self-made woman, and it’s been incredible to follow her journey over the past few years. It’s also been amazing to watch Something Navy and live through Arielle’s immersive journey from fashion, to parenting, to career. We’re always inspired by women who take on challenges, small or large.



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