Global Dressing: How Today's Fashion Muses are Doing It

Global Dressing: How Today’s Fashion Muses are Doing It

Summer 2023. At this point we’re all globally connected through the internet and international travel is back in full force… So what is everyone wearing? 

Hyper-local trends and sub-cultural movements absolutely still have a subtle impact on how we get dressed. But, in today’s age, a wardrobe with a sense of fluidity and versatility is a must.

Global Dressing: How Today’s Fashion Muses are Doing It

From the festival to the urban landscape. From an excursion in the mountains to a hipster bar in Brooklyn. The fashion muses of today are leading adventurous lifestyles and their closets reflect that.

While shopping locally has been a huge cultural push in recent years, today perspectives are expanding to a global mindset. Shopping an array of designers from all over the world who prioritize quality craftsmanship and ethical practices is the new wave. 

Check out our Top 4 Trends for Global Dressing:

Cool and Moody

Take a fusion of Mad Max meets Burning Man, add a touch of Berghain club kid and elevate the look with Antwerp, Avant Garde references. Viola, you’ll be imbued in cooler than cool, ultra unique energy. This look takes a moody, vampy vibe back down to earth with fun cuts, strappy features and clothes that are actually comfortable to wear.

 Global Dressing: How Today’s Fashion Muses are Doing It

Bold and Fun

Our fashion muses are not taking life so seriously. They’re embracing the joy of life by celebrating color, pulling from a set of diverse multicultural references, embracing the form of the body and promoting a sense of fun. Mesh prints, bright colors and clashing patterns are all worn in experimental ways. This look asks “Why not?” Why not take a risk? Why not try a bold dress? Why not have some fun? 

Global Dressing: How Today’s Fashion Muses are Doing It


Chic and Minimal

One trend that any world traveler will adopt while galavanting from place to place is a chic approach to minimalism. If there’s one thing this trend is not is boring or blending in. Attention to subtle detail and minimal features allows intricate patterns and quality tailoring to shine without distraction. With limited luggage space, pieces that go with everything are a must. Elevated elegance is one thing that is never lost in translation. 

Global Dressing: How Today’s Fashion Muses are Doing It

Sweet Nostalgia

A little romance goes a long way. From sweet baroque inspirations to iconic classic silhouettes, an old-school nostalgia is seeping into wardrobes world wide. Old Hollywood starlets have returned to the cultural zeitgeist. It-Girls from the 90’s are back in full swing. Full bodied skirts, an abundance of ruffles, and sweet floral accents are staple characteristics. This trend is less about referencing a specific era and more about celebrating a sense of romantic nostalgia through a sweet style imbued with historical references.

Global Dressing: How Today’s Fashion Muses are Doing It


Global Mindsets for Daily Living

We’re embracing a sense of interconnectedness while dressing and celebrating a global mindset, even if our adventure for the day is just to the local coffee shop. This approach to getting dressed is a fun way to express multiple perspectives and doesn’t actually require any traveling to participate in. Pulling inspiration from multiple cultures and locations allows for a sense of depth in your wardrobe and unique expression of personal style.

Are you tapped into global dressing? How do you embrace multi-cultural references in your own wardrobe? Let us know your thoughts and see how we’re styling the trends @cleveraliceofficial on IG @clever_alice on TikTok.

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