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Love-Struck! Valentine's Day Outfit Guide

Valentine's Day is around the corner and the perfect occasion to showcase your unique style, and with our comprehensive guide, we've got all your outfit needs covered, no matter what...

Love is in the air, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Whether you're planning a cozy night in by yourself, embarking on a romantic date with your significant other, or hitting the town with friends, one thing remains true: you deserve to look and feel fabulous. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to showcase your unique style, and with Clever Alice's comprehensive guide, we've got all your outfit needs covered.

In this guide, we'll explore 5 distinct types of outfits that cater to different Valentine's Day scenarios from the Clever Alice collection. Whether you prefer comfortable, outgoing, simple, or sparkles, we've curated a selection of ideas that will have you turning heads and feeling confident.

Whether you're celebrating love in a traditional or unconventional way, this guide will help you select the perfect Valentine's Day outfit. So, let's dive into these outfit inspirations and ensure that your Valentine's Day is not only filled with love but also a touch of fashion-forward flair. Get ready to dress to impress and make this Valentine's Day one to remember!


The Standout Lover 

The centerpiece of this outfit is a stunning, sleeveless dress that glistens and shimmers with every movement from Molly Bracken. Imagine a sequined above the knee dress, in a deep rich shades of orange, blue, pink, and purple. The sequins catch the light, creating a mesmerizing, sparkling effect that's impossible to ignore. The dress is tailored to flatter your curves, with a plunging V-neckline and a thigh-high slit that adds a touch of drama as you walk.

To add an extra layer of style and sophistication, slip into a striking red suede jacket also from Molly Bracken. The jacket is cropped, giving it a chic and contemporary edge. The luxurious red suede fabric feels soft to the touch and adds a pop of vibrant color to contrast with the dark, sparkly dress. It features a tailored fit adding a touch of sleekness and structure to the ensemble.




The Experienced Lover

Start with a light pink, long-sleeve sweater that exudes comfort and charm like the one below from Compania Fantastica.  Picture a soft, knit sweater made from a lightweight material like cashmere or cotton. At Clever Alice we also have pink sweater from multple other brands such as Sweewe or Feelkoo. It should have a relaxed fit with a slightly oversized feel, creating a cozy and laid-back vibe. The sweater's pale pink hue adds a touch of femininity and warmth to the overall look.

 Complement the sweater with a pair of cream-colored sleek slack pants from Feelkoo. These pants are tailored for a clean and polished appearance. They sit at your natural waist and have a slim, straight-leg silhouette that elongates your legs. The cream color adds a touch of sophistication and versatility to the outfit, making it suitable for various occasions.



The Quiet Love

The standout piece in this ensemble is a long-sleeve black and cream striped sweater from Sweewe. The sweater features horizontal stripes, alternating between black and cream colors. To add a touch of vibrancy and uniqueness, there's a striking red line along the bottom hem and at the cuffs of the sleeves. This red detailing creates a bold and eye-catching contrast against the neutral striped pattern.

Pair the sweater with a pair of classic French denim jeans from Oraije. Imagine medium to dark wash denim with a flattering, slim or straight-leg fit. French denim is renowned for its quality and timeless appeal. These jeans typically boast a clean and sophisticated design, making them a versatile choice that complements the sweater's style.




The One That Loves, Love

The hot pink dress from Molly Bracken is designed to catch the eye and make a statement. Its vibrant shade radiates energy and confidence. The dress is sleeveless with a fitted bodice that gently hugs the upper body. At the top, there are cascading ruffles that add a touch of whimsy and a flirty dimension to the look. These ruffles frame the neckline and extend down along the shoulders and chest, creating an alluring and romantic vibe.


The Flirty Girl

The centerpiece of this outfit is a cozy red long-sleeve sweater from Compania Fantastica . Imagine a soft, knitted sweater made from a comfortable fabric like cashmere or wool. It offers a relaxed yet tailored fit, allowing you to stay warm while exuding a timeless elegance. The vibrant red hue adds a pop of color to the ensemble, making it eye-catching and suitable for various occasions.

Complement the sweater with a long cheetah-printed skirt that captures attention with its bold and exotic pattern from Molly Bracken. The skirt features a high-waisted design, emphasizing your waistline and elongating your silhouette. At the top of the skirt, there's a tie detail, typically a bow or a knot, which adds a playful and feminine touch. The cheetah print lends a sense of wild sophistication to the outfit, creating a unique and fashionable look.




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