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Mac of Germany Jeans ON SALE at our POP UP in NYC and CHICAGO

MAC Jeans from Germany ON SALE at the POP UP SHOP in NYC and CHICAGO May 1 to 12 at 126 W 25th street in NYC May 18 to 23...

Mac of Germany Jeans ON SALE at our POP UP in NYC and CHICAGO

A perfect fit, above-average quality, exceptional value for money and above all highly fashionable products – MAC has stood for these principles for more than 40 years.

Mac of Germany Jeans ON SALE at our POP UP in NYC and CHICAGO

The trouser specialists MAC, who is based in the Upper Palatine region of Germany near Regensburg, has been guaranteeing a perfect fit, above-average quality, outstanding value for money and the very latest fashions for more than 40 years.


MAC is very aware of its social and ecological responsibility to its employees, customers, contractual partners and the environment – even away from its own company headquarters. As a globally active manufacturer of trousers, we sell products in a wide variety of countries around the world. In the interests of our customers, we also strive to offer high-quality goods at a fair price that offers value for money, without neglecting our values and our social responsibility. Therefore, the observance of minimum standards and ethical principles for workers is of great importance to us in the selection of suppliers and contractual partners. In particular, this includes socially acceptable conditions for workers, above all in relation to working hours, minimum ages, remuneration and safety in the workplace. Similarly, we also place great value on ensuring that our products are produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible and that the relevantly valid environmental standards are observed.


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