Sampling the Future

Sampling the Future

Sampling the Future

We all know that we have a mutually constitutive relationship with our planet. We need it so we have to treat it like it needs us, because it does! The best way to influence our footprint on an individual level is to reduce our personal waste. This can be hard though, especially when we fall in love with a sweater in the window despite having seven very similar sweaters already. But what if the sweater was not a new marketed item but rather something we were saving from ending up in waste because it was never going to hit the retail market? it almost sounds too good to be true. This is the principle behind shopping at sample sales. G-Club explains that, "...putting on sale what usually remains unsold or disposing of the stock, thus trying to introduce within the fashion industry a model that is as green as possible". Sample sales actually prevent overconsumption and waste by allowing customers to buy the clothes that never would have hit retail, are fresh off the runway, and are shockingly less expensive because they have never been priced for retail. 




Come by Clever Alice on Prince Street in Nolita, or shop sustainably on our website!

Walter Baker Crystal Skirt 


Heartloom Miriam Top


Walter Baker Lianna Leather Jacket




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