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D. Efect select pieces will be ON SALE at the Pop Up Shop Opening June 20 to July 1 in NYC

D. Efect select pieces will be ON SALE at the Pop Up Shop Opening June 20 to July 1 in NYC

How often do you think about this world of perfection we are living in? It doesn’t matter if it’s a magazine you’re reading, if you’re watching TV or if it’s a billboard you are passing by in the street, you are constantly confronted with images of “perfect” women. Their clothes are perfect. Their hair is perfect. Even their teeth are perfect. It isn’t easy to accept your true self this way, is it?

 Personally, it took me years and years of fighting with myself, especially as a teenager, but I have finally learned to accept my imperfections. And boy do I have plenty of them – a crooked nose, a big gap between my teeth, an irregular lip shape, that is just to begin with.

 And then, at some point, I was lucky enough to discover #thebeautyofimperfection.

 This is what hides behind the name of D.EFECT. We are aiming for the effect of defect. My goal is to create simple, wearable designs that have special details to make them different. It might come through exaggerated or extremely shrunken details, rips done on purpose, contrasts, interesting asymmetrical details or constructions… After all, I’m a firm believer that it’s these little details that make our style more interesting as well. Just like the flaws in our physical bodies or our personalities that make us unique and special. Imperfections make the world around us just a little bit more colorful, a little bit more interesting



 I wanted you to know where our clothes come from, not just the story behind them. We come from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. All clothes are produced within 200 km radius from our office, allowing the team to visit factories constantly to check the manufacturing process. A blessing for us and a blessing for you, quality lover!


Don’t forget, embrace #thebeautyofimperfection

Shop D. Efect at our Summer Pop Up Shop June 20th and July 1 at Manex France Display 126 West 25th street in NYC b/w 6th and 7th avenues, Daily 10 to 7 and closed Sunday

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