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The Wrights collection at our December POP-UP



The Wrights collection at our December POP-UP at 17 E. Pearson in Chicago

THE WRIGHTS is a New York based designer company with an international point of view. The philosophy behind the label is to reflect excellence and quality into modern clothes that women will love to wear. The Wrights woman is someone who loves fashion and has a sophisticated and evolved sense of personal style. It’s not about an age or specific lifestyle, but about a confident spirit and state of mind.




THE WRIGHTS label is co-founded by the English-born, twin sister design partnership of Sharon and Angela Wright. The designers are part of a large creative family background that includes artists, musicians, and architects. With a base in London, much of their time from childhood to the present has been spent overseas in countries as culturally diverse as South Africa and Hong Kong. This experience nurtured a strong feel for the international, as reflected in their sense of design.

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