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Introducing LEEAM to our November Pop Up Shop line up

What began in New York City as a highly edited collection of women's woven pieces, L E E A M has evolved into a global contemporary line - with additions of soft Jersey basics to iconic knits designed for everyday wear. An evolution of designs include a focus on timeless aesthetics with highlighting distinctive style.

L E E A M is proud that each piece produced is of the highest quality, and hand made right here in New York City. Locally sourced fabrics are used to promote sustainability in our Garment District. We also use organic textiles whenever possible. It's important to us to be 'Made in NYC' and to preserve the concentration of fashion industry uses in the district.



LEEAM Collection will be at our November 13 to 16 Pop Up Shop located at 7 East Huron in Chicago.

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Clever Alice's Winter Pop Up Shop Opens November 13 to 16

Lauren Cecchi

Over 40 emerging women's designers will have their samples and showroom stock marked up to 75% off retail prices during our Pop Up Shop. Located at 7 East Huron, the space will be open to the public November 13, 14, and 15 from 11 to 7 daily and Sunday the 16th from 12 to 5. Join our email list for private "invite only" shopping days before it opens to the public. Look for brands Porto, Super Trash, Totem, Margarita Saplala, David Kahn Jeans White and Warren, Christopher Fischer, Tee Refinery, Sanctuary, Anna Hovet, V Fish, Casting, Lauren Cecchi Handbags, District, Inizio, Luna, and more...



Super Trash

Super Trash


V Fish


Lauren Cecchi




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Porto from San Francisco Fall Collection

With it's mix of futuristic lines and nostalgic eye for details, Porto is a collection that takes you through season after season.  The kind of collection that can transport you to anywhere in the world. Here are a few of our favorite looks no matter what time of year or city we are in. Come see Porto at our next Pop Up Shop opening November 12 to 16 at 7 East Huron.


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Closet Clean Out- Get Ready For Fall 2014

                                 Tips For Closet Clean Out Fall 2014


Coats can be one of the biggest investment pieces you buy all year. A great coat can last for years if properly maintained. Take a look through your coats and dry clean the ones that need it. Look for holes in pockets, loose buttons and have them repaired at the cleaners.
If it's time for a new coat, this season look for the "Robe Coat". Oversized fit that has a tie belt, similar to a robe.
The overwhelming trend for outerwear was what I like to call the voluminous trench or what some fashion guru's call the robe style coat.


I live in boots all Fall and Winter. This is a great time of year to pull them out and give them a polishing. I have replaced heels, fixed zippers, and had them professionally cleaned. It will save you time and money to start this now. One pair in black, brown and tan normally last me through a few winters. If you are looking for a new pair this year, check out the over the knee trend. The ankle boots from last year might need to be packed away this season.


I normally take down the sweaters that were stored away in the Spring and divide into 2 piles. If I didn't wear it the year before I probably won't be wearing it this year so it goes into the giveaway stack. If I did wear it , I will freshen it up with a dry cleaning sheet. If a favorite sweater is need of repair or a professional cleaning I send it out now. New knits are always fun to buy when the weather turns chilly and this year the trend is set on oversized.

Dresses, Tops, and Bottoms

It's helpful to keep  dresses, bottoms and tops separate in your closet. Try not to think of your dresses by season. I like to layer and wear them all year round , or at least 3 seasons. Try not to think of them in terms of "where am I going in that?" but rather  can I wear it anywhere? When going through your dresses make a give away pile and a repair or dry clean pile. Stick to the rule, if you have not worn it in a year, toss it. This season designers are focused on the Mod 60's. If you are inspired to add a few new dresses this Fall, here is the current style to watch.
What to Keep from Spring and Summer that you can layer into Fall and Winter
Abstract floral and wild life animal prints, anything oversized, mini skirts, pastels, and sheer.
What to pack away till next Spring
Sandals, eyelet fabric, crop tops, bright neon.
What to buy
A new oversized turtleneck knit, Orange,Menswear-Inspired Oxfords, Midiskirts, Blue
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