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Zac Posen to Design Delta Airlines Uniforms

Flight attendant guidelines from the 1940"s


They use to be chic. Those flight attendants uniforms from the late 50's early 60"s. The romance of travel, it was once an enjoyable experience filled with excitement. Today, it is filled with overcrowded security lines, peoples smelly feet, $5.00 snack boxes and very un chic flight attendants uniforms. romance was for me ,officially over. Until

I discovered a small unassuming Delta terminal A at LaGuardia Airport. It is very civilized with one woman at a podium checking your ID card and ticket, courteous security check point and a "Mad Men" style waiting area full of round black tables with food menus and yes, customer service. it is relaxing, clean and almost romantic. So when I heard Zac Posen was taking over the designing of over 30,000 uniforms for Delta I was excited. A company making effort to bring back good taste in air travel, finally. The uniforms won't be unveiled until 2018 however.


Zac Posen is not the first well known designer to take on tacky uniforms. Here is a list of past designers and their visions.






Designer Edith Head's Uniform, 1970


First uniform designed by Edith Head



Kate and Andy Spade designed uniforms for Song Airlines




Prabal Gurung for Japan’s largest one, All Nippon




Stan Herman for Jet Blue




Vivienne Westwood for Virgin Airlines


If you are wondering why so many famous designers would get into the airline attire business there is good reason. Zac Posen terms of the deal were not disclosed but industry sources said designers typically earn between $400,000 and $1 million for designing uniforms for domestic airlines.


Not sure what airlines but definitely the 1960"s.











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