Tips to shopping a designers clothing sample sale

Tips to shopping a designers clothing sample saleClever Alice has hosted tons of Pop Up Sample Sales in NYC, Brooklyn and Chicago. Although Pop Ups have been trendy for several years now, people still are not sure what they are and how  to "shop" them.

First thing many people fear is that all the sizes are small. While most designers do cut their samples small others simply do not use a general size. The samples can be sized between a 2 to 8 so make sure to try them on. Designers also send extra stock with sizes from 2 to 14.

Hopefully, the sample sale you visit has a fitting area but often times they do not. If they do provide a changing area it will most likely be one room and not private. Pop Up Shops are just that "pop ups" so building different rooms is not possible for a few days of being open. We suggest wearing black tights and a black tank with your favorite heels. it will save you lots of time trying on multiple pieces in an often very busy room.

Try on at least 10 pieces, every designer cuts and sizes differently. Do not trust the size in the garment. Try on styles that do not have hanger appeal but feel nice and have detail in the seams. Clothing looks completely different on the body than on a hanger. TRY, TRY, TRY!

Clothing brands that are unfamiliar to you are also fun to discover at sample sales. Young designer lines are the ones participating in the sales. These brands benefit from selling their samples to increase their bottom line. Plus, the added benefit of gaining a new customer.

Understand that the samples are sometimes not in stores yet. The fashion industry is working at least 6 months ahead so, chances are you are buying something no one has yet. Sample sales are different than discount stores because they are not selling last years left overs. Generally, they are selling current stock from designer's showrooms and samples.

Lastly, it will always be a final sale, so check and re check the garment. Sign up for hosting companies email list if you like the pop up. This is the best way to get next sale and location details.

Clever Alice hosts Pop Up Sample Sales in NYC, Brooklyn and Chicago. Check website for details.



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