5 Books to Read Alongside your Children During Quarantine

5 Books to Read Alongside your Children During Quarantine

Books bridge people together, and during quarantine, bonding with your little ones with incredible stories that deal with themes of isolation or serve as wondrous escapes from current events is something clever women across the board endorse. Below are some of our top picks. Happy reading! 


Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank 

This classic puts our current situation into perspective; Isolation, fear, uncertainty, and hope are themes explored by a young girl living through one of the most horrific times in our history. Anne Frank and her family remained hidden from Nazi soldiers for two years in the attic of the office of a family-friends business during World War 2. The book is a must read for any age and a necessary reread in order to recenter and to remain grateful in times of hardship.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

August Pullman is 10 years old and about to enter 5th grade at a public school for the first time, having previously been home-schooled because of a facial deformity. His emergence into the community is a heartfelt and wholesome examination of hope and compassion, pulling at the heartstrings and jam packed with tons of humanity. August undoubtedly faces unkindness from peers and must navigate feelings of isolation, bullying, and insecurity. While August is experiencing the trials of growing up, those in his life also deal with the repercussions of August’s ailment, where readers experience a well-rounded picture of multiple facets of human experience. 

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The children’s story is a moral allegory with sound wisdom set in a fantastical cosmos where a young boy decides to leave his planet to explore the wider universe, where he learns about the various scruples of adulthood. It is a quick and digestible read that will remind both adults and kids alike about the important things in life, and will leave a wide door open for meaningful conversation and wistful philosophical pondering. 

Gulliver’s Travels by Johnathan Swift

The book is divided up in four parts, coinciding with the four remote places Lemuel Gulliver accidentally shipwrecks or discovers during his sea voyages. Alone and isolated from England and the general reality he is familiar with, he navigates the fantastical settings of Lilliput, Brodingnag, Laputa, and the land of the Houyhnhnms. Each land a satirical commentary on society with overarching themes critiquing arbitrary social constructs, unjust power dynamics, and narrow rationality against the backdrop of a fun and comical story for all ages. 

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. 

The best selling children's series is a perfect story to get sucked into and experience a bit of magic.  Great to read alongside your children if you have them. Dealing with mundane reality and a rampant pandemic, opening up Harry Potter will serve as a near perfect form of escapism. Glean some hope, strength, and wonder as Harry Potter is perfect for adults and children alike. This could be a great way for families quarantined together to bond. The story explores themes of death, power, friendship, love, magic, and what it means to live with bravery and compassion. The strong moral lessons and the ease of readability is perfect for anyone seeking to find a reprieve from daily burdens.

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