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Totem Collection of natural paradise beach dresses on sale at the Pop-Up Shop

Clever Alice Pop-Up Shop opens March 21st to 30th at 17 East Pearson, Chicago 

Natural paradises. Our inspiration comes from the beaches, pool parties at the sunset and celebrations at the seaside, lighted up by the moonlight. Relaxed and spontaneous ways of dressing and natural elegance compose a delicate and sophisticated collection. Our collection talks about lightness, transparency and fluidity. We introduce the chiffon, which is similar to the silk. In addition, we will have silk crepe, 100% silk and the cotton silk. These fabrics bring sophistication and modernity to the collection. We are in love with these textures! This summer will have a new category of products called "beach dress": short pieces in light fabrics in wide modeling, printed or plain that can be used after beach or at the pool parties.
The colors of pink, aqua green, toffee and white give freshness to the pieces. Silk chiffon or viscose rayon gives sophistication. Tunics, party dresses and silk dress shirt. The collection is inspired by the nature and Hawaiian lifestyle. Some prints are made of hibiscus, birds and butterflies. Classic colors like white, navy and red.
Graphic prints with a retro style and Californian vintage colors, like the greenish blue and aqua green, lighted up by the red color. We also bring traces of silver and gold in black prints, creating pieces to the fresh spring nights. Voil and rayon create a sophisticate and lighted pattern which predominate the low neck, tunics, light pantaloons, party dresses and silk shirts.
The collection is for the women who search for the fullness within the simple things in life as a walk out of doors and a daytime at the beach.


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