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Cannabis: The next big beauty and fashion trend?

The fashion and beauty industry hopes the next big money making trend will be one of the most debated topics , legal Cannabis. So even if your not using it...

The fashion and beauty industry hopes the next big money making trend will be one of the most debated topics , legal Cannabis. So even if your not using it for medical reasons , or otherwise, many companies want you to smell like it, rub it on your face and wear it. It's no longer just hippy , teenage rebel wear. It's in high fashion houses, luxury skin care lines and national fashion trend reports.


Cannabis: The next big beauty and fashion trend?

USA WEEKEND's McKenna Grant tried beauty products called Cannabis Beauty Defined (starting at $50). Though they don't claim any mind-altering effects, they are made with hemp oil. Her report:

In cleansers I look for two things: (1) Fresh-looking skin. (2) The easy removal of all makeup. The Cannabis Beauty Defined Cleanser almost effectively removed all makeup, but fell a bit short. I also would have preferred a more soapy texture as opposed to the lotion-y consistency. However, my skin wasn't too oily or too dry as a result, which is a hard balance to obtain!

Who doesn't want super smooth skin? The Cannabis Beauty Defined Exfoliant, which vows to remove excess surface oil without drying your skin, produces just that. The product wasn't too rough and wasn't too gentle – exactly what I look for in an exfoliant.

Last was the Cannabis Beauty Defined Moisturizer. A big no-no with moisturizers is leaving skin oily and shiny. The moisturizer did not disappoint my usually sensitive skin -- my skin was super smooth and looked great. The scent was another matter. I want a refreshing, clean scent – not an earthy odor.


Cannabis: The next big beauty and fashion trend?

Paul Smith Spring Collection


WWD.Com says

Even medical spas in states where sales are legal are starting to prescribe marijuana and topical products. “There seems to be more news on the cannabis, beauty and wellness front every week,” says Beth McGroarty, research director for Spafinder Wellness. “Cannabis and cannabidiol-infused oils are very high in essential fatty acids, vitamin C and antioxidants, so it’s a natural, healing fit for skin-care applications." has a Cannabis Facial


Cannabis: The next big beauty and fashion trend?


If you, like us, appreciate a good mind-blowing fact, then here's a humdinger: Did you know that THC—the main psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana—is actually an antioxidant? It's also an anti-inflammatory (though, given weed's reputation to dull pain, that might seem more obvious). What this also means is that the cannabis plant has major topical benefits as well.

In other words, get ready, because it's time to give your skin a contact high.

While smoking (no matter the substance) is not good for your complexion, and has been shown to advance aging, THC actually does quite the opposite when applied on the skin. As an antioxidant, it can combat wrinkles and fine lines, and scientists and dermatologists are currently studying the ways that it could combat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. There are ways, if you are a Washington or Colorado resident, to create a THC-heavy oil (or buy it, of course). But because we are based in New York, and because 48 out of 50 states don't have access to marijuana, we decided to sub in hemp oil, the legal by-product of cannabis. Hemp oil has trace levels of THC that are just enough to offer an antioxidant effect, and are heavy in omegas, which are essential for moisturizing dull skin.

It's a great, natural addition to throw into your skincare rotation, but for those times you'd like to hunker down at home and give your visage a little extra TLC, consider yourself covered: We concocted a cannabis facial that gave our own tired, dry skin a new lease on life. We decided to supplement the omegas found in the hemp oil with another hefty dose from creamy avocado; to kill toxins and brighten up skin, we tossed in amino acid-packed, vitamin-heavy spirulina, and amazing superfood sea algae. Finally, we had to throw in a little bit of patchouli, natch—not just for the novelty factor, but also because the stereotypically hippie-loved oil actually does a number on both acne and sagging skin.

Cannabis: The next big beauty and fashion trend?


-1 ripe avocado

-1/4 cup hemp oil (or marijuana oil, where legal)

-2 tsp spirulina powder

-several drops patchouli oil (optional)

-a large makeup brush that you don't mind getting gross (optional)

What we used:

Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil, $12;

Earthrise Spirulina Natural Powder, $9;

Sunshine Spa Patchouli Oil, $6;

Our price breakdown*: 1 avocado ($1) + 1/4 cup hemp oil ($1.50) + 2 tsp spirulina powder ($0.80) + approx. 1/8 tsp patchouli oil ($0.60) = $3.90

*When using hemp oil

Meet Katie Shapiro, Our Nation's First Weed Style reporter


Cannabis: The next big beauty and fashion trend?


Is Cannabis going to be the new Kale?











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