Designer Interview: Bart Klerkx from Inizio

Designer Interview: Bart Klerkx from Inizio

Designer Interview: Bart Klerkx from Inizio

Natural fabrics, cotton, and linen never go out of style. Bart from Inizio understands that clothing shouldn’t only look good but feel good, keep your body cool, comfortable, and energized. With vibrant colors, flattering stitching and thoughtful consideration to form and fabric, the brand establishes its own signature for casual women and women of any age.

Bart Klerkx launched Inizio in 2009, designing in San Francisco and developed in Italy. With a track record of successfully launching and managing multiple brands, Bart’s a connoisseur of the market. Inizio is ubiquitously highly rated, and definitely one of our favorites. Bart keeps an intimate and close handle on all aspects of fabrication, from concept to design to manufacturing and distribution. Devoting yearly trips to Italy to create outstanding products is highly prioritized when running his business.

Fashionable, natural, and affordable are the driving ideas behind the clothing. This makes the line accessible and venerated in fashion circles, where the unique and practicable pieces are a favorite in most of our client’s closets.

Bart shares a bit more below:

1) When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

In 1996 na een start van 5 jaar in gebruikte Levis.

Translation. “In 1996 after starting 5 years, Levis.” With a long background, it’s easy to see why Inizio is so successful. Additionally, your experience in a textile company and living in Italy for 8 years must have inspired and cultivated the appreciation we see for fashion and fabric in your
body of work.

2) What designers inspired you early on in your career?

Companies like Banana Blue + Deca + MC Planet. They had a unique design to them but too many details on the garments.

We can see the respect you have for these designs through your work and still find the
wonderful uniqueness of Inizio in the process. Form and fit is something our customer's value
and Inizio pieces are always impressed at how well made the pieces fit their body.

3) Do you design for yourself or do you have a muse in mind?

Mainly what I believe I can sell.

We can’t continue being creative without the means to do it. Of course, business and pleasure are wrapped up into gorgeous pieces available to all clever women who want to put their best foot forward. Our site has many ready to wear pieces in a variety of colors and sizes.

4) What is your favorite part of being a designer?

That I see the end result of what items we are selling well and retail well.

Knowing that the fruits of your labor are as loved by the women you design for as the care you've invested in the process is definitely rewarding! We’re happy to play a part in making women happy and amplifying their natural beauty through your clothing.

5) How do you deal with feedback and find a balance between your own creative
signature and the demands of new trends?

I always try to follow trends but design only a small part of the collection around these trends. I do not mind negative feedback as this helps me create my line better every season.

We love being able to provide a place you can test drive designs and create a platform to stretch your innovative bandwidth.

6) Favorite 6 pieces in your closet right now?

As a guy, I have a hard time answering this but I believe my customer loves my staple items which they have in 2 or 3 colors in their wardrobe.
We can totally testify that it’s true! We’ve seen it. Customers grab Inizio pieces by the armload, fall in love with linen pieces, cotton skirts, viscose tops, and yes! They even buy them as gifts.

7) Favorite city for inspiration?

Florence + Amsterdam

Florence is quickly becoming a mecca of international style. Chic and modern boutiques in the classic city not only make it great for tourists but shoppers and fashionistas alike.

8) Favorite fashion blogs and magazines to get lost in.

I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and the Italian Vogue + InStyle + Glamour

Pinterest is a favorite of ours, not just fashion but lifestyle! Similarly, investing in great
magazines and content will help widen anyone's scope of discovering their own creativity and personal style. Routine check-ins with these are great recommendations for our clever women.

Designer Interview: Bart Klerkx from Inizio


Designer Interview: Bart Klerkx from Inizio


Designer Interview: Bart Klerkx from Inizio

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